Wednesday, 31 July 2013

إرحل! Leave!

Since the uprising of the revolutions in the Middle East, particularly Egypt! protesting against ex-president Hosny Mubarak and recently against Muhammad Morsi, asking for their departure. gathering in Tahrir square and other spots in Egypt, holding signs of " Leave " and other messages expressing their demands, I just thought that democracy is just going beyond control! You cannot please and satisfy all of Egypt! different minds, different political groups, a high level of ignorance which affects the whole process negatively. No matter who takes the lead, there will be always someone who will be against it, provokes the others and then: Let's meet in Tahrir square this Friday and give Friday a name...
yes, unfortunately this is the situation over there, I pray that GOD saves the good and sane people, who really thinks good and wishes good for this world. and save us from the actions of the evil ones.

This is a joke about the uprising, a wife who is probably upset because her husband is going out with his friends, and she has been working all day. so she says: " LEAVE! " but not leave is get out, it's the political leave! :D

Such incidents in the world, could even have effects inside our homes.

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