Saturday, 3 August 2013

Character Design for "NURU"

Princess Nuru:
Nuru is The Princess of Egypt, a very soft and kind hearted human being, her name means " born in daylight " her face is like the sun, full of light, she wants good for everyone, she has no enemies and believes that everyone has good somewhere in their hearts. Princess Nuru is the daughter of the Pharoah, The Pharoah who always wanted a son, but never had.
Nuru's actions will be key transitions in the story, a struggle of bringing peace to the lands.

Zalika was possesed by a couple of demons, they taught her dark witchcraft and took control over her body and soul. Zalika's original nature is so pure and loving, she was the best friend of Princess Nuru, until her transformation took place. Zalika became the best weapon for the Pharoah, he uses her for his own vendetta and special cases.

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